How To Get HD Videos Online?

The internet is going crazy over HD video watching. There is no one among us who has not been at some time baffled by the whole craze at some point. Where do you access content in HD? Can we get them on the internet easily? Why do they need to buffer so slowly?

To answer the last question specifically, it is common knowledge that HD videos are a lot heavier than you or I initially expected them to be. The downloads are a lot faster with smaller videos. Since Buffering is a sort of quantised downloading mechanism, it makes sense why HD videos buffer slower than SD or Standard definition videos.

The question arises, what can you do to download the best videos quicker? Let’s first go through some tips and tricks first.

To get your HD videos loaded quicker, ensure that

  1. Other devices connected to your connection are as less as possible, if you are watching it on WiFi.
  2. A 3G or 4G connection is faster and hence will let you watch your HD videos properly. These might be costlier, of course, so take take proper notice of your internet usage.
  3. Ensure you have good signal strength when you’re watching your videos or downloading them. This holds for both WiFi as well as mobile network.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me say that Downloading the videos is the only guaranteed way to watch your favorite HD videos without interruption. This can be done on your very own Android device using apps.

There are countless apps in the market which can benefit you in this way. But let us tell you about a few we like so you can make an informed choice.

ShowBox HD

new_show_box_icon_by_creepz1-d970254ShowBox HD is a small app that gets you access to a virtually endless library of titles. Movies, TV shows as well as other content is easily available. You can watch, stream, cast or download all this content to your heart’s content. The app can be downloaded as an apk file and then installed on your device.


vidmate-app-downloadThis is one application that is every app genre rolled into one! It lets you download your favorite content from video hosting sites. It also lets you download apps, games, music, and even memes on your device. Plus it can let you watch live TV! Unparalleled, right? Make memes and upload them, find your favorite music to download, get your favorite movies recommended to you; the list is endless!


hqdefaultVideoder goes a step further. It can do almost everything Vidmate can, but it does it better. The app can be used to download content directly as music. You can download your favorite videos and movies in a bunch together, instead of picking them up individually and tiring yourself out in the process. The best thing about Videoder is the attention to design. The round buttons for resolution are a great example. The multiple resolutions, the easy browsing, searching and downloading and all other sorts of features come together in perfect harmony to make this app that really verges on utopia. The best part is the process of Videoder download. You can directly download Videoder from Google Play Store. Otherwise, you can download its .apk file from trusted websites. 

Needless to say, I am quite fond of Videoder. I do use one or two other apps occasionally, but this is my go to app for all my video watching needs.

So this was my small exposition on three apps. These are the best ways to get free HD video downloads. Which one works best for you? Well, that depends on your preferences. Do tell us which app you like.

How To Get HD Videos Online?