How to remove password from PDF

Some service providers such as mobile carriers and financial institutions send the bills and statements in the PDF format, which is often password protected. If you have already secured your computer or laptop with a password, having to key in the password to access the PDF file could be pretty annoying and time consuming as well.

What might further irritate you is that PDF files from different sources have different passwords, which by the way are not easy to remember. For instance, one mobile carrier sends e-bills in the email in PDF files and the password is the combination of first four letters of the name and last four digits of the phone number. On the other hand, there is a bank which requires you to enter your bank account number in order to access the bank statement sent in PDF file.

Password Break

Maintaining or remembering so many passwords is usually not possible. If you could remove the password, you can sidestep this hassle. Most of us have PDF readers, which allow you to view PDF files in the read-only mode. Therefore, they are no good if you need to get rid of the password. So, what do you do? Below are your options.

Using Google Chrome

There are paid PDF editors that also let you remove the password. But, what if you did not want to pay anything to do something as simple as this? After all, you own that PDF file and you are well within your right to use however you want it.

Google Chrome can come to your rescue. It has an integrated PDR reader as well as editor. Here are quick and simple steps to free your PDF file of password using Chrome:

  • Launch Google Chrome and drag the PDF file onto its window. You can also locate the password protected PDF file on your hard disk, right click on it, and choose ‘Open with’ to open it with Google Chrome.
  • You will now be prompted by Google Chrome to provide the PDF password. Enter the file password and open the PDF file in Chrome browser.
  • Now click on the hamburger menu on the right (three vertical dots) and choose print. You can also press CMD + P or Ctrl + P on Mac and Windows computers respectively.
  • Click the Destination button and select ‘Save as PDF.’ If you need to save to Google Drive select ‘Save to Google Drive’ at the bottom.
  • Now click on the Save button.

The file will now be saved on your hard drive in the PDF format, but this time it will not be password protected.

Using Free Application

There are some free desktop as well as web-based applications that offer free PDF-editing. You can use these apps to remove the password from your PDF file. One such app is BeCyPDFMetaEdit, which you can download from the following link:

Once you have downloaded and installed this app, launch it and select the ‘Complete Rewrite’ mode. In the Security setting you can select the option ‘No encryption.’ This will remove the password from the file.



How to remove password from PDF
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