SnapTube 4.4 :The Latest Version of SnapTube

For those of you who keep track of the latest apps in the market, then you have probably heard of the SnapTube app. You probably also know that with the aid of the app you get to download unlimited video content. Few people know more about the SnapTube app beyond this. To fully appreciate what the app has to add to your entertainment regimen, you would need to have an idea of what features the app offers. Below is an account of what you can expect from the latest version of this app, namely SnapTube version 4.4.


Video Download According To Resolution

Earlier versions of the SnapTube app only offered three formats for downloading videos. These three were 3GP, 4GP and MP4. The latest version of the SnapTube app uses a different approach in that now users can download video content in resolutions from 144p to 1080p HD. In addition to the resolution the size of the particular file is indicated in brackets. You as the user will therefore be able to make a more informed decision with regard to video quality and the total size of the video file.

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Music Download According The Number Of Beats Per Minute

As with video downloads, users are now able to choose the audio files they download with regard to the number of bits per minute. This is a shift from previous versions where all audio files were simply mp3 files of varying size. The user can now choose between audio files with 128k bits per minute, all the way to 328k bits per minute. It is worth noting that the greater the number of bits per minute, the higher the quality of the audio and the larger the audio file. This will aid the user in balancing between the size of an audio file and the quality of the audio output.

List Of Video Hosting And Streaming Sites

The home screen of the SnapTube app now features a list of video hosting and streaming sites. The sites include Yoube, Vimeo, LiveLink, Metacafe, Metatube, just to mention some of the more notable names in the video streaming and hosting industry. By clicking on the links, the user is directed to the respective site through SnapTube’s own inbuilt browser. The app will then automatically detect any video files on the browsers page. You are therefore granted unrestricted access to a collective database with millions of video files to choose from.

Capability Of Downloading Videos From Social Media Sites

Previous versions of the SnapTube were incapable of downloading videos uploaded onto popular social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter and Whatsapp. This is no longer the case with the 4.4 version of the SnapTube app. To download a video file from any one of the popular social media sites, all you would need to do is to copy the URL of the page containing the file while logged in on the social media platform. You would then past the URL onto the SnapTube app inbuilt browser. What will follow is an immediate prompt to download the video.
Looking at the undoubtedly innovative additions now found on the latest version of the SnapTube app, you have no excuse not to download and install the app onto your device.

SnapTube 4.4 :The Latest Version of SnapTube
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